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Partners and Sponsorships

In our community

We are committed to positively contributing to the communities in which we live and work. We actively do this by sponsoring events and organisations who facilitate arts, culture, education, sport and well-being within our local communities. Here are some of our partnerships.

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Queenstown and Hawke’s Bay Marathons

The New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty Queenstown and Hawke’s Bay Marathons are two of the world’s most scenic marathons. The events attract more than 18,000 entrants each year. For us, the events align strongly with our company values of health and wellness and as we are in a goal-driven industry, we strongly appreciate the link between setting and achieving your own personal goals. 

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Opera In The Park Nelson

Nelson's largest community event, the biennial event draws over 6000 attendees to Trafalgar Park in Nelson to see performances from some of New Zealand's best opera singers and stellar contemporary performers. 

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Southern Lakes Festival of Colour

Known as the ‘best little arts festival in New Zealand’, The Southern Lakes Festival of Colour celebrates art in all its forms. The festival is based in Wanaka and features theatre, music, literature, dance, visual arts and sculpture. 

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Sculpture on the Gulf Waiheke Island

Art and the natural environment are powerful forces on their own, and Waiheke Island merges them into the much-loved cultural experience Sculpture on the Gulf. The biennial outdoor exhibition transforms a 22km coastal stretch of the island into an outdoor gallery of stunning sculptures and interactive works. 

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Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust

While Queenstown-Lakes is a popular place to live, a high amount of new residents leave within 18 months because of the high cost of housing. The Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust assists low to moderate income families and individuals into affordable housing so they can remain and contribute to the social, economic and wellbeing of the area.  

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Queenstown Alpine Ski Team

The Queenstown Alpine Ski Team (QAST) is a community-based organisation dedicated to giving children and adolescents the chance to learn and excel in alpine ski racing. The non-profit team focuses on healthy sporting attitudes as well as developing the national depth of competitive New Zealand alpine ski racers. 

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Wonderful Waiheke House Tour

Take a look into some of the most beautiful and unique houses on Waiheke Island at the Wonderful Waiheke House Tour. Run by the Waiheke Community Art Gallery, the day showcases homes that are wonderfully quirky or cutting-edge modernist, all with their own personality and distinct location. 

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Wakatipu Land SAR Search Dogs 

Search and Rescue dogs are crucial to finding people in the wilderness when things sometimes go wrong. The Wakatipu Land SAR Search Dogs are highly trained canine teams who get rapidly deployed to find those unlucky enough to get into trouble in the Queenstown-Lakes district. Land SAR Search Dogs is a volunteer organisation. 

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Abt Sponsorship Whaka 50

Whaka 50

The Whaka 50 (and sister distances) is mountain biking's ultimate long distance race. Held in Rotorua, it features endless single-track with relentless climbs and descents on world class trails.

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Cape 2 Bluff Record Attempt

Raising funds for New Zealand Spinal Trust, Brendon Vercoe will embark on a journey biking the length of New Zealand, Cape Reinga to Bluff, as fast as possible, in an attempt to beat the current record of 4 days 9 hours and 45mins.

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Wakatipu Community Foundation

The Wakatipu Community Foundation is not-for-profit charity that facilitates grants to families, individuals and groups to support activities in the local community around arts and culture, housing, sports, youth, education and the environment. 

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STAC and Whakatipu Rowing Clubs 

Rowing is a hugely popular sport in New Zealand and is part of the cultural fabric at at St. Andrews College (STAC) Christchurch and Queenstown youth. The clubs have competitive yet supportive environments and teaches the athletes commitment and motivation. 

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